a place for action

Public Spaces = A place for Action between Lebanon (Bcharre), Italy (Roccagloriosa), Czech Republic (Třebešice-Čáslav)

Project written by Katia Baraldi

Project Managers: Katia Baraldi and Laure Keyrouz


Bianco-Valente Amande In and Jan Broz Pascal Hachem and Rana Haddad Laure Keyrouz and Andrea Stomeo

  Partners Project Municipality Bcharre, Farnespazio, Futura project.   Patronage of: Embassy of Italy - Beirut Lebanese consulate at Milan Cultural Istitute Czech Rep. at Milan Campania Region - Italy Province of Salerno - Italy Municipality Roccagloriosa

The first phase of the project was in Bcharre, in collaboration with Municipality of Bsharri, Lebanon from April 5thto 14th2013 The second  phase of the project will be in  Roccagloriosa, in collaboration with Farnespazio@Rocca, Italy, from June 7th  to 14th  2013 The third phase of the project will be at Třebešice - Čáslav, in Czech Republic, with the partner Futura Project,  from August 24th to 31th  2013  

  PUBLIC SPACES = A PLACE FOR ACTION is a project in several stages with different methods of action aiming to investigate the possibility of small towns to create culture and innovation of the society. It's been thought to activate a series of comparative reflections by the help of artists and intellectuals regarding the concepts of "common good" and "public spaces." Particular attention is given to how these spaces are experienced by young people in comparison to other members of the community. In the perspective of exchange and collaboration six artists from Italy, Czech Republic and Lebanon have done studies regarding eventual similarities and differences, problems of interpretation and use of public space in the three countries involved. All this in an attempt to detect possible new ways of living together thinking about the welfare of the community, recognize places that people attend, to use these and turn them into part of their daily activities. Our projects include workshops, laboratories, installations, and performances. Sites of the investigation on the field are three realities of which two in Europe, Roccagloriosa in Italy and Trebesice - Čáslav in Czech Republic, and the Mediterranean Bcharre in Lebanon. We want to implement an exchange of experiences between artists and between areas that have inside strong similarities. For this reason we are also starting a blog, http://aplaceforaction.frontofart.org/ that will help to create a network of activities and knowledge among associations and artists around Europe and elsewhere, to promote cultural reflection in marginal and peripheral territories. http://aplaceforaction.frontofart.org/ Our methods of working will be identical in the three different territories, with the involvement of the local population, with a strong focus on young people and children, with the creation of site-specific projects in regard of the various context and situations.

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