who we are

“Front of Art” is an international association that realize participatory art projects in peripheral areas. It is a flexible and multiform project, founded in 2011 by Katia Baraldi (independent curator) and Laure Keyrouz (visual artist and poetess), with Andrea Stomeo (video documentary) and Arnel Helja (artist and graphic).

  The name comes from our first experience “Front of Art, Il paesaggio e la comunità” in Nervesa Della Battaglia, a small town in the Treviso area. We created a program dedicated to contemporary art between May and June of 2011.

  This experience has led to a reflection on the difficulties of diffusion and the presence of contemporary art in the smaller towns, combined with a lack of interest in the art system in outlying areas. Hence the decision to continue to work together while continuing to create and implement projects outside of the great art centers of attraction.

  Front of Art attempts to stimulate communities and administrations of these centers towards a new awareness of their territories and their potential as "incubators" of cultural innovation.

  Moreover it instills the idea, or rather the certainty, that these small countries (rural and mountain) can have a significant role in the creation of new artistic experiences, and can also produce a positive effect in the way we create and enjoy the culture and the art.

  With our projects we aim to change the strategies of attraction between territorial system of art and culture, to promote a new vision of the "peripheral", reconstructing a meaning for this term with positive valence.  



  Front of Art use an interdisciplinary methodology to create site-specific projects for rural places. Taking in consideration the identities of the places, the complexities and the problematics of being in the community. The interventions are different from project to project: the format changes according to the specific needs of the area. In every project are activated many collaborations with private and public associations, local authorities, individuals and informal groups.

  Front of Art works with various artists recognized nationally and internationally, and young artists called for their innovative methodological and conceptual approaches towards participatory art.

  Front of Art could be defined as a relational project. It create a dialogue between the community and their territory, where is essential the act of meeting and the discovery of the other.

Katia Baraldi is an independent art curator since 2007, with a socio-historical formation. Her work explores in particular the relationship between artistic practices and the dynamics of development and transformation of society, with a strong propensity to interdisciplinary. She is also interested in the study of curatorial practices and the evolution of contemporary artistic languages. Among the events organized: "Transition. A private matter ", Roaming, Prague;" Front of Art Experiences of public art. The landscape and the community, "Nervesa della Battaglia(TV), the collective project" Flaktowers "to the artist's project Bateaurouge, Alejandra Ballon, Kluger Usine, Geneva / Vienna, “A ciascuno il suo [paesaggio]”, FARNESPAZIO, Roccagloriosa (SA); “Front of Art, azioni di ripresa”, CRAC, centro ricerca arte contemporanea, Cremona; Arte Fiera Art First, Aelia Media, gallery hall 21-22, Bologna. She is co-founder of the theoretical and artistic project “Wawe Equation_Pratiche di attivazione”.

Laure Keyrouz, artist, writer, poetess. She works predominantly with installation, environmental works, performance and video. Born in Becharre, Lebanon, she now lives between Italy and Lebanon. She received a Diploma in Arabic Literature from a Lebanese University in 2002 and a Diploma in “Art & Painting” from the Institute of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University in 2005. In the same year she continue a Masters Degree in Italian Language at the University of Udine. After that she received a Diploma in Superior Studies of Art & Painting at Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice in 2008. In Italy she was selected for a study with the Foundation “Bevilacqua la Masa”, Venice in 2009/2010 where she founded an inter-lingual magazine for Art, Poetry and Philosophy, “Inchiostro e Pietra” in 2009. She published a bilingual poetry book, “Ink & Stone” “حبر و حجر”, in Beirut in 2013.

web: www.laurekeyrouzarts.comwww.inchiostroepietra.org

  Andrea Stomeo, lives in Lecce. In June of 2007 he graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. In December of the same year he enrolled in "Design and Production of Visual Arts" at the School of Visual Arts at the IUAV of Venice; here he experimented with various forms of artistic expression: Installation, Video Art, Performance. During his training experience he moved more deeply into the method of "Video" in its various forms: video art, short films, video documentaries. In December 2010 obtained a Master Degree in "Cinema Documentary" and tackles the subject of Privacy by comparing his experience working with authors such as "Stefano Rulli" and "Roberta Cortella." In 2011 he moved to Lecce and began to work as a cameraman and video editor at the broadcaster ATV in June of 2012 and at the same time lends himself to directing.